RHINO® Tents

RHINO® Tents are a commercial-grade printed gazebo range designed to make your brand stand out. Offering unlimited customisation potential, you can build your own branded gazebo by adding any configuration of full or half walls.

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Printed Gazebos

Build your own custom printed gazebo using the RHINO® Tent configurator with over 1100 possible configurations.

324 Combinations Available

RHINO® 2x2 Promotional Tent Gazebo
£582.00 £493.00

People Capacity: 4

Height Adjustable Frame

Waterproof & UV-Resistant

324 Combinations Available

RHINO® 3x3 Printed Gazebo
£651.00 £549.00

People Capacity: 9

Heavy-Duty Gazebo Kit

Fast Tool-Free Assembly

144 Combinations Available

RHINO® 3x4.5 Branded Promotional Gazebo
£937.00 £794.00

People Capacity: 13

Anchoring Kit Included

Lightweight & Portable

324 Combinations Available

RHINO® 3x6 Custom Printed Gazebo
£1,143.00 £969.00

People Capacity: 18

Wheeled Transport Bag

Dye-Sublimation Printing

RHINO® Gazebo Canopy and Tent Graphics Carry Bag
Not Rated
£22.00 £17.50

Convenient Storage & Transport

Black Nylon Carry Bag

For Gazebo Canopy or Walls

Branded Gazebo Weighted Base
Not Rated

Weight: 7.5kg Each

Pack Of Two

Provides Extra Stability

Branded Gazebos

RHINO® Tents are a range of commercial grade exhibition tents, exclusively available at XL Displays. Custom dye-sublimation printing and a heavy-duty frame make RHINO® tents perfect for indoor and outdoor marketing events where you want to make an impact. High visual branding can be the difference between passers-by visiting your stand or not.

Printed gazebos not only provide high-level branding for events, exhibitions, fairs, trade shows and festivals they also act as practical shelter (rain or shine) for 4-18 people depending on tent size. Choose from four sizes 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m.

Why Buy a RHINO® Tent?

RHINO® Tents are designed and built to withstand regular outdoor and business use. The high-grade aluminium frame has 40mm hexagonal legs with reinforced plastic connectors for increased strength and reduced overall weight. The lightweight frame is portable and easy to transport.

The printed canopy and walls are manufactured in a 600d Oxford tent polyester material with a PU coating for UV fade-resistance and weatherproof finish. For additional leak protection the roof features an extra lining that covers the roof stitching giving you years of reliable use.

RHINO® branded gazebos operate a complete tool-free assembly. The pop-up action frame takes less than a minute to erect and the printed accessories offer a quick-fix installation using a combination of ultra-strong Velcro straps and tabs. Full-height walls feature an outer zip that connects multiple full-walls together to better secure the event tent – ideal for overnight or multiple day exhibitions.

Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor or you’re buying your first exhibition tent, RHINO® printed gazebos are supplied as a complete kit with everything you need to begin exhibiting right away. Within the gazebo kit is a pop-up frame and a printed canopy customised with your artwork. We include a wheeled transport bag for storing and transporting the folded frame between events, an anchoring line and ground stake set for securing the event tent when used outside.

Add any combination of full and half-height walls to complete your gazebo kit. Customise every surface of the marquee including the canopy, valance, roof pitch and walls – no element is off limits. Dye-sublimation printing means you can use an unlimited number of colour and design combinations to build a unique and impactful focal point for your brand and event.

RHINO® Tents Are Ideal For

Exhibition & Trade Shows

Custom gazebos are the perfect solution for getting your brand noticed in a sea of competition.

Schools & Universities

Ideal for colleges and university open days and activity tents at educational events & school fetes.

Charity & Fundraising

Attract attention and support for your charity with a branded focal point at your next fundraiser.

Festivals & Sporting

Create branded sign-up tents, medical tents or team tents whilst providing much needed shelter.

Branding & Merchandising

Fully customised with your artwork for a professional & visual representation of who you are.

Food Vendors & Catering

Maintaining professional and reputable look is essential when offering food and drink services.

Impactful & Visual Branding

Build and design a customised exhibition tent kit with unlimited colour & design options.

Creating Lasting Impressions

Creating a good first impression is the foundations for building lasting customer relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I assemble a printed gazebo?

    Our printed gazebos are really easy to assemble and require no tools to complete thanks to the pop-up frame and quick-fix accessories.

    The scissor-action frame expands (using two people) and clicks into place. The custom printed canopy is connected via Velcro corners and roof ties. Printed walls are attached to the canopy using Velcro straps along the top and Velcro tabs down each side connecting it to the frame legs.

    Assembling the complete tent, along with accessories and installing anchoring can be completed in around 10 minutes. View the RHINO® Tent Assembly Instructions for more information.

  • Our exhibition tents are height adjustable by four height settings. To change the height setting use the quick-release push-button located on each leg to increase or decrease the height of the tent.

    Height setting 1: Overall height: 3130mm – Inside height: 1910mm
    Height setting 2: Overall height: 3215mm – Inside height: 1990mm
    Height setting 3: Overall height: 3295mm – Inside height: 2070mm
    Height setting 4: Overall height: 3555mm – Inside height: 2160mm

    There is a tensioning crank located on the underside of the roof frame which tensions the elevation of the pitch providing extra height and visibility for your brand. Use this to create a taut roof pitch with no sagging or lose material.

  • The tent fabric used to manufacture the RHINO® branded gazebos is chosen for its robust and resilient nature. The graphics are printed using a dye-sublimation printing technique that seals the colour directly into the weave of the fabric making the artwork waterproof. Each printed graphic is covered with a PU coating for water and UV-fade resistance. We then stich an additional lining over the seam of the canopy for better protection against leaks.

    Please note, whilst the tent is waterproof, they are temporary structures and we do not advise leaving the gazebo outside in the rain for extended periods of time. This can cause the fabric to become so saturated that it can leak inside.

  • The printed elements of a branded gazebo are mostly too large to consider washing them in a washing machine. If branded canopy and walls get dirty, we recommend using warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth to clean. Avoid anything too abrasive, this can cause damage to the printed area.

    Once cleaned the graphics must be allowed time to dry thoroughly before folding and packing away. This is also the case if the tent gets rained on at an event. If the fabric is packed away wet and left for a long time it can go mouldy which can cause permanent damage to the artwork.

  • The great thing about the printing technique we use on all of our printed gazebos mean there is no limitation to where you can have your logo or artwork. You can opt for a simple logo placement on the canopy, valance or pitch, or you can choose to create a show-stopping, custom design across every surface including the walls. The only limit is your imagination.

  • RHINO® tents can be secured to a degree. When we say secured, they provide cover and protection to anything housed inside of the tent. However, the walls are not lockable in any way, and we do not recommend leaving anything valuable inside of the tent overnight. Using a series of full-height walls you can completely enclose the tent which is the best way of securing the exhibition tent and providing cover from the weather.

  • RHINO® tents are designed specifically for outside use. The aluminium frame is weatherproof and resistant to rust. The printed graphics are PU coated for a weatherproof and UV resistant finish. Each custom gazebo is supplied with an anchoring kit that includes ground stakes and anchoring lines. We also offer 7.5kg weights for the frame legs that provide additional stability.

    RHINO® tents can be used in wind speeds between 13-18 mph / 20-28 km/h (Beaufort Scale 4) when anchored correctly. We recommend using a combination of ground stakes, anchoring lines and 7.5kg weights (one per leg) for maximum stability.

    Please note, we recommend disassembling your event tent during inclement weather to prevent damage or injury.

  • Replacement canopies and printed walls can be purchased later if you wish to rebrand or refresh your designs. You can buy RHINO® SKIN graphics online or call our team on 01733 511030. Simply select the size of your existing tent and we will do the rest.

  • For us, dye-sublimation was the only printing technique for branded gazebos. Many companies offer vinyl heat press printing, but this only limits your design potential. If a business is investing in printed gazebo, we believe it needs to be impactful and make them stand out.

    Dye-sublimation offers limitless colour and design potential. The artwork can run edge to edge covering every surface of the tent. Don’t worry if you’re looking for a more traditional finish or a simple logo placement, dye-sublimation means we can achieve any design you wish.

  • We include artwork templates for each custom gazebo on the individual product page. We email you a copy of these once your order has been placed. If you are providing your own artwork, you should use the template instructions regarding size and file type and upload your artwork online.

    If you are using our comprehensive design service, all we will need from you is your branding guidelines and a design brief, our designers will do the rest.

    For more information on our graphic design please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.

  • We will always provide a design visual for you to approve. We will never send the design to print without final sign off from you directly. We offer a free of charge artwork checking service for any artwork sent into us directly. It is at this stage we will notify you of any potential issues with the design. This may include alignment issues or pixelated images. Once any issues are rectified and you are happy with the final design, we will move your order through to manufacturing.